The Helping Hands

A Miners Legacy appreciates the support of mining companies, who are as passionate as we are in spreading the safety message and ensuring every one of their team members returns home safely to their families each day.

Downer EDI Mining – Underground and Exploration  

 March 2015ACNC Registered Charity

Leading mining services provider, Downer EDI Ltd (Downer), has announced that all royalties from sales of the innovative Remote Grease Pressure Release System, designed to eliminate the risk of high-pressure grease injection injuries, will be donated to A Miners Legacy. A Miners Legacy thanks Downer for their generous support.

The system, developed in conjunction with custom solutions provider Australian Diversified Engineering Pty Ltd (ADE), is a simple, cost-effective solution that can be quickly activated using a garage-door-style remote control mechanism to release the pressure building in a blocked grease gun in both hydraulically and pneumatically operated grease systems.

Downer’s Executive General Manager– Plant, Peter Connor, said donating Downer’s royalties to A Miners Legacy aligned perfectly with Downer’s commitment to promoting Zero Harm in the mining industry.

November 30, 2012

Downer EDI Mining nominated A Miners Legacy as the beneficiary charity for their safety award.  It was presented on November 30, 2012.







Mark Parcell, founder of A Miners Legacy, Rob Ingram Downer Safety Innovation Award Winner, Rodo De Boer Downer EDI Mining Health and Safety Manager, presenting a donation to Rachel Blee and Leanne Barker, A Miners Legacy.

 February 26 and 27, 2013

A Miners Legacy proudly spent time at Downer EDI, Daunia, speaking to the team about the foundation and staying safe whilst at work.  Nick Mason, HSET Superintendent, shared these words and photos with A Miners Legacy:

It was with great pleasure our team at Daunia finally got to meet Rachel Blee from A Miners Legacy.

Rachel is one of the founders of the organisation that offers support to families that have lost loved ones in mining incidents throughout Queensland. Unfortunately Rachel’s motivation in starting the foundation was the tragic loss of her husband in a mining accident at Moranbah North in 2007. Rachel now spends her time speaking to mining companies about the incident and her struggles trying to move forward after her loss (which I have been told is as raw as it gets), offering support to families and also looking after her kids that survive her husbands name.

The prize for our team winning the Best HSE performance for a small project at Goonyella Riverside was not only a shield that I display proudly above my desk, it was also a cheque for $5000.  It was decided that A Miners Legacy was the perfect choice as the recipient for the money Rachel assures us that the foundation will put it to good use.








Picture 1:  Jerome Owens, Mark Buckby, Marcin Goluchowski, Robyn Stewart, Paul Petrie, Daniel Caroly, David Topp, Rachel Blee, Dirk Scheer, Mark Dempsey, Damien Walsh, Jason House, Dwayne Stienstra, Nathan Dempsey, Matt Dennis, Shayne Fry, Fiona Chambers.

Also missing from the photo but were an integral part of the project:

THE LEADER OF THE TEAM – Tom Day, Alison Dainty, Ashley Gordon, Jimmy Reeves Chris Harris, Ryan Harte,Murray Harley, Oliver Taylor, Andrew Stenhouse, Ronnie Rennie.