A Miners Legacy Induction

Each year, tens of thousands of workers toil diligently in the minerals industry in Australia to provide for their families and communities.

Sadly, each year workers are killed in our mines.  Over the past 10 years in Australian mines, on average, 14 miners have been killed each year on the job.

No one anticipates losing loved ones whilst at work.  However, we can learn valuable lessons from the families of our miners involved in these events in the past.

If you ensure important decisions are attended to now, before you begin work, you can greatly minimise additional trauma for your family should YOU be the one involved in a tragic accident.

A Miners Legacy Induction outlines all you will need to do upon induction into a mine.  The induction covers the following:

    ACNC Registered Charity

  • Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Income Protection
  • Workers Compensation
  • Next of Kin notification

Grieving families here in Australia have learned these lessons the hard way.  They are passionate about helping people like you to be organised and get your affairs in order, so that if you are involved in a tragic incident, your family won’t have to suffer the additional anguish of sorting out your affairs, or dealing with an unexpected financial crisis in the midst of their grief.

A Miners Legacy advises all persons to seek independent legal advice in the completion of these matters.

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