Sean Scovell

At 8.30 on the 5th of June 2012, a police officer came to our house. His words are engraved into my memory, “sit down, sit down I’m so sorry I have some terrible news for you. Sean’s had a fatal accident at work. Sean is dead”.

Those three words have changed our life forever.  There is no tomorrow, no faith, no silver lining or blue skies… everything is dark and grey, filled with loss and despair. You can not mend a broken heart or replace what you have lost. You just live pushing through another day, void of purpose.

He had only be in the mines for three months (six weeks working time).Many people have felt this loss. Each differently. No one can truly understand what you are going through. Life [is meant} to have an order: to live a full life, have children of your own, enjoy the company of a wife, children and their children, grow old  and leave this place a little better for having you in it.  To have to bury one of your own, before his time is the hardest thing in this world and should not happen to anyone. If procedures are put in place and adhered to and the proper safety, training and supervision are paramount, to ensure our loved ones will come home.

24 hours before this tragedy Sean was sleeping in his room, the bedroom next to mine. For 21 years Sean had lived with us, he was a part of everyday life. We had never been separated for more than his working week since Sean was born and now his room is waiting and he’s not there. He won’t ever come home again………

– Brett Scovell, Sean’s Father –