Wayne MacDonald

Wayne MacDonald, my husband of six months, was fatally injured at Foxleigh Mine
Middlemount, on 18th December 2010.

It was a Saturday morning.  Prior to finishing his night shift, Wayne and
his workmates changed a flat tyre on the truck.  A tyre which had been
repaired before was placed on the truck using a bottle jack.  Wayne
was under the truck and as he let the jack down the weight of the
truck on the tyre caused it to suddenly explode. The tyre exploded from a
zipper tear in the side wall, not where the tyre had been repaired before.

Wayne was due home in two days.  The accident happened on my first day of
annual leave. We were both very excited as we had planned to go away for the
Christmas break. I am so grateful Wayne had left a Christmas card under
the tree for me as he couldn’t wait to buy a card with ‘wife’ on it.  I
will treasure it forever.

I hope the mines continue to improve the way things are done so
these hard working miners who are away from their loved ones can come home
safe and sound.

Pam MacDonald