Michael Cassidy

Dad was always the first to help out like when he’d  come home from night shift to help me pour concrete and other jobs around the house when he should’ve been going to bed. Although dad worked really hard with a lot of overtime, he was always involved in our sports like coaching mini league when i was younger, coming to watch me play basketball and cricket and watching Nell’s netball.

Dad and I bought a HQ Holden ute and done it up together. Some other memories i have are going to Metallica in Melbourne for the weekend and both having one of the best weekends we’d ever had. Playing eight ball, going to the shed and having a beer with dad and all his mates. He would always say “just one more beer” when I was ready to go home.

In the last year, dad and I have had many fishing trips together. We had moved from father and son to being good mates. We’ll always love you and we are going to miss you ‘mate’

(Dylan 25)

My heart is breaking that our story has ended like this. I will forever remember the beautiful young man that stole my heart with a cheeky grin and a wink. I will forever remember the way you still look at me and the love and loyalty you have given me over all these years.

Together we raised 2 beautiful young people, who we loved and cherished above all else – ‘our family.’ We were determined that despite everyone and everything, we would gives these children the most love and the best opportunities in life we possibly could. That was our shared dream and I will continue this for us. You were so proud of us all and we are so proud of you. Proud of how much you loved us, proud of the way you worked so hard to give us a great life and supported us to achieve our dreams. Proud of how you changed through the years to become the person you are now. I hope that you will be remembered for the person you had become.

I will forever miss our ‘family time’ – playing board games, family dinners, watching ‘One Tree Hill’ until 4am in the morning, just to see what happened next. I’ll forever miss our camping trips and lazy Sunday afternoons when we would plan the rest of our lives.

You were looking forward to renovating our house and walking on the beach with your grandchildren – now we will walk alone.

This was to be ‘our time’ – to leave the past behind us and to travel and to finally have time together – our time to finally find peace. And now you have gone.

You were ‘my person’ – my one person in this world who was always there – the one person with who I shared memories that will always be just ours, stories that only make sense to you and me. I will miss you forever.



Dad was the best father I could have every asked for, He would do anything for us kids and always put our happiness first. Being dads only daughter he was overprotective at times, although I complained at the time it always made me feel safe.

Some of my best memories I have of Dad are going to Football games together, or even watching them at home with a beer, it was rare occasion that we ever missed a Brisbane v Bulldogs game. Although Bulldogs won that day, dad tried not to act too excited as he didn’t want to upset me.

I love our camping memories, staying up late playing games of cards, car cricket on our car trips, showing me all the star constellations, our car trips when i was younger both singing along to Alice Cooper and dads song ‘sweet home Nellie Gina’.

Not only was Dad a good dad he was a good, kind, beautiful souled man. Just a few weeks ago he was telling me of how a papa New Guinean man had has his wife make him a traditional bag for being a kind and good boss to the entire papa New Guinea workers, dad treated everyone with respect and we will treasure this bag for him.

Everyone will miss you so much Dad and we are all so proud of the wonderful man you were, now you are watching over us all and although we can’t see you, you’ll always be with us in our hearts.

(Nell 19)

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